There are many models that various kehillos use to meet their financial needs. In KSY, the kehillah has chosen membership as its way of maintaining the shul.

Membership dues are used to keep KSY running on a daily basis. Without the dues, we could not keep our doors open. As much as we appreciate occasional or frequent donations to the shul, it is impossible for us to exist on that basis. We need a clear commitment in order to know how much our “income” is for the year.

The price of membership is 180 NIS a month per family. If we have 200 members, this will cover the regular expenses of the shul. Almost everyone in our shul gives maaser. Membership is 100% maaser (i.e., maaser of 1800 NIS of your monthly income).

Whether you are a regular in the shul, a once-in-a-while attendee, come to shiurim, speak to the Rav, or learn in our beautiful air-conditioned beis midrash, or even if you just appreciate the work and vision of the Rav and the community, we need you to join.

We do understand that not everyone can so easily afford membership. If committing to 180 NIS maaser per month places you in a difficult financial position, we invite you to contact Rav Haber, R’ Chaim Stepelman (Rosh Hakahal), or R’ Elisha Kutliroff, (Director of Operations). We will arrange a special rate.

Please know that membership at our shul is not like membership at a country club. It is not goods for services. We join because we believe in supporting the cause of KSY.

No one will ever be barred from attending the shul, contacting the Rav or using our services because of financial reasons. We treasure everyone. But please do the right thing. Make sure you are a member today.

Download forms here and return to the shul, or email to The confidential questionnaire may be returned directly to Rav Haber.